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Forbes 30 Under 30 is a series of yearly rankings of individuals under the age of 30 published by Forbes magazine along with certain regional issues. The American lists honor 600 entrepreneurs and industry leaders, with 30 chosen from each of the twenty sectors. Asia and Europe each have ten sections for a total of 300 people, while Africa only has 30 people. Forbes organizes related conferences and has a section on its website called 30 Under 30. The Forbes 30 Under 30 nomination procedure is available to the public, and anyone can submit themselves or someone else as long as the nominee is under 30 years old.

These are the four companies in Bangladesh that have received the award of being Forbes 30 under 30. Let’s explore their story as to how they built up their business and how their startup contributes to the economy of Bangladesh.

Forbes 30 under 30 in Bangladesh

1. Alice Labs

It is AI designed multi-channel business platform that provides services to e-commerce and online businesses. When there are many e-commerce businesses in Bangladesh, Alice Labs provides a feasible solution by developing conversational AI solutions and smart tools, they are streamlining the sales process for their customers.

Because Shuvo Rahman, the founder of Alice Labs found from the customer service calls that 78% of them feel irritated as they need to repeat the same information to the e-commerce business for the delivery of the products and services they buy. It is MyAlice.ai, which was founded in November 2018, that provides solutions to customers by ensuring quick access to information and services from e-commerce businesses.

Shuvo Rahman started this business because he had a bad customer service experience in Myanmar. He thinks that introducing this solution in his business will make the journey of e-commerce businesses easier to attract and retain customers.

Now, Alice Labs have more than 50 clients from large companies like Coca-Cola, Unilever, and so on. It has operations in various countries in South and Southeast Asia. It has won the award of 30 under 30 Forbes under the category of Social Impact.

2. Footsteps Bangladesh

It is a community-based nongovernmental organization that works on solving community-level problems. It acts as a catalyst for designing social ventures which aim to solve the most challenging issues of marginalized communities. Footstep Bangladesh was founded in 2013 when it provided safe drinking water for school children in a marginalized community.

Shah Rafayet Chowdhury and Barrister Mohammed Taqi Yasir were the pioneering cofounders who have also started many health-related projects during the COVID-19 pandemic. Shah Rafayet Chowdhury is a passionate environmentalist and social entrepreneur who wishes to make the world a better place to live in. He has also been awarded the Diana award in 2020 and received a mentorship opportunity from US Vice President Al Gore. He also serves as Managing Director in Dreamwater Enterprise Limited, a concern of Footsteps Bangladesh which focuses on innovation for water treatment facilities. Barrister Mohammed Taqi Yasir is a barrister, who graduated from the University of London. He seeks perfection in his work and has the ability to design initiatives that foster economic and social development.

They both had a significant role in many initiatives introduced by Footsteps Bangladesh. It has won the award of 30 under 30 Forbes under the category of Manufacturing and Energy.

3. Shuttle

Shuttle is a startup that provides transportation services for women. It is a startup that completed over a million rides since it was founded. Shuttle provides transportation services by microbus, 12-seated minibus, and minivan. It has started its journey by providing transportation services to women at North South University. The payment is absolutely cashless and at an affordable rate.

It is also believed that Shuttle provides environmentally friendly services since 12 people travel together instead of having a separate car. During the pandemic, businesses had to pause because students were not traveling. It started offering B2B offerings for employees to travel safely from the company to their homes.

Jawwad Jahangir and Reyasat Chowdhury the founders of the Shuttle established the business in 2018.  The business started when Reyasat used to work as a Product Specialist in Robi. He submitted a business proposal in the startup competition which was organized by Robi and it turned out to be a success.

Shuttle is an app-based ride-sharing service offered to women who needs a safe travel service while commuting to the office or university. In addition to comfortable rides, Shuttle has earned a reputation for hygienic transportation and ensuring that it is properly sanitized.

It has won the award 30 under 30 Forbes by raising the funds from Accelerator Asia by $ 1 million USD.

4. Bondstein Technologies

Bondstein Technologies is a Dhaka-based startup that offers vehicle tracking and monitoring technology to improve cost efficiency and reduce traffic accidents. It has served over 500 clients and tracked more than 40 million trips in real time for them. It has also created a smart box for addressing the problem of question leaks in public exams and it has been used by Dhaka University and Combined Admission Examination.

Mir Shahrukh Islam and Zafir Shafiee Chowdhury have founded Bondstein Technologies which provides vehicle tracking and monitoring services to large clients like Unilever, and Walton. Founded in July 2014, it has provided innovative solutions to customers’ problems.

Their startup has also won 30 under 30 Forbes awards and it has raised capital of $1 million USD from Runner Trading Limited.

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