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10 Mistakes a Fresher do as a University Student



Top 10 Mistakes a University Student Do as Fresher

New faces, new places, and no comfort zones. That’s what university as a fresher is all about. Your first year at university is about a lot of trials and errors. You will go through different experiences, incidents, and learn through the process. The more you learn from these over the years, the more intelligent you will become. Here we have showcased ten common mistakes that every university fresher makes, but you should not.

10 Common Mistakes a University Fresher Do

1. Choosing the Wrong Halls

When you first visit a potential university, you also visit all the different halls and hostels of residence. Most often you pick where to stay in your first year; based on the recommendation of other people and other factors such as distance from the university, grocers, and facilities available within the halls. But when the time comes, and you actually start living there, you might find that you hate your flatmates, or the halls are not as close to the university as you thought it was or it’s just plain hate to the place! So picking wisely and taking into consideration the things that may not be as your expected is a must selecting your halls.

    2. Forgetting the Essentials

    Packing is a daunting task, so sometimes in the hustle to get everything to fit in that moving box you might forget essentials – like that picture of your family that you love. When you’re packing, make a list of all those essentials you really can’t live without and make enough space to pack those things.

    3. Over-packing Your Essentials

    When you’re packing up to move away, you may feel like everything you own is a must-have at university. But you don’t really need every novel you own or those ten extra tops that all look the same, while you’re packing for university. Pack sparingly and you’ll have a much easier time when it comes to moving everything again in the future.

    4. Not Socializing

    When you’ve just undertaken the tiring task of moving in, and your family has just left you and goes back home; you’re tired and the homesickness may be hitting hard. It’s not surprising at all, if you want to hide out in your room or lonesome in a totally new place. At that moment take a deep breath, and please don’t do that. Just, step out and get to know your flatmates, attend a few freshers events to take your mind off everything else. You won’t regret it.

      5. Missing Your Morning Lectures

      When you’ve lived with readily available alarm that is your mother to drag you out of bed every morning, it’s hard to get used to doing it on your own while you are at university. So, set that alarm, and try to make it to your 9 am lectures as much as possible. Otherwise, you will regret it when it comes to exam season.

      6. Annoying your Flatmates

      Doing things like moldy dishes to rotten food will definitely disturb the flatmates you share your kitchen with. Being considerate of the fact that you share your space with other people and keep it clean is important when you are at university. Don’t make stupid noise or listen to the song in high volume, cause someone might be preparing for tomorrow’s exam.


      7. Not Taking Care of Yourself

      Between studying, chores, and having fun, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. Your health should be your first priority. Be healthy and don’t forget to eat and take care of yourself, everything else is sure to fall into place. Freshman year at university is all about living and learning, so the mistakes are made don’t matter its lessons learned along the way, that matter the most.

      8. About your grades

      As a fresher, you’re still learning the ropes of living alone, making new friends, and getting used to a new study environment. Trying your best is a good thing, but there is no need to stress unnecessarily about your grades. Cause you will need a combination of academic knowledge and practicality. Use your first year at university as a learning curve and use it to improve yourself in the years to come

      9. Hiding in your Room and not Socializing

      When you’ve just undertaken the tiring task of moving in, and your family has
      just left to go back home; you’re tired and the homesickness may be hitting hard. It’s not surprising if all you want to do is hide out in your room and allow in your lonesome. But don’t do that, step out and get to know your flatmates, and attend
      a few freshers events to take your mind off everything else.

      10 Thinking you Have to Hang out

      When you think of hanging out and be friends with every person you meet as a fresher, and it’s often said that you’ll make friends for life at university. This kind of statement often results in panic and disappointment. If you don’t need to meet these special friends within the first few days don’t be hurt or be in a hurry, cause it takes time to find a better friend; you’ll have the chance to meet many of these people throughout the years to come.

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